Friday, January 20, 2006

Writing on the Wall

Our grades are finally in. There's something slightly disingenuous about making us pay for our second semester - and start it - before we know our grades on the first semester. But I did okay. Smattering of B's, and one C+ like a hairy mole on an otherwise satisfactory face.

Deadlines for summer internships are already passing, a reality punch in the 1L stomach, a slightly hardened yet still innocently relaxed stomach. I finally stopped running from it and printed out my sad, sad resume. Winced as I removed some stuff from high school.

BTW, when do I get to call it a C.V.? When it gets over a page? When I apply for A Real Job? Now that I'm out of college? I'll have to ask the Office of Career Planning. Hah.

Pearly Gate

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Do I live here or...?

Back from the East Coast. I'm experiencing some serious meteorological discombobulation, if you can dig it. It was kinda cold here in SF when I was winter in it's positively balmy here in SF. Effin' beautiful really. Green and sunny with a delicious breeze. But disorienting. Do I live here or is this an equitorial third world country with excellent drivers that I'm visiting on vacation?

Selective memory blackouts of NYC, now refreshed:
- how loud it is. Please, blow your horn again! I'm sure it will help the gridlock!
- how goddamn dirty it is. Seriously - garbage bags on the sidewalk? Whose idea was that anyway?
- how crowded it is. I spent more time waiting on line and wading through crowds than it took me to get wherever I was going.
- how gray it is. Concrete growing like weeds.

Never forgot:
- how gorgeously convenient the disgusting subway system really is. I visited the upper west side, the financial district, soho, and brooklyn all in an evening.
- the 24 hour corner deli. Providing toothbrush, single razor, and rubbers.
- awesome cup of coffee for $1.
- bacon egg n cheese on a bagel.
- single slice of pizza. Awesome pizza. Mmm, pizza.