Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You're Nuts

So we got this email at work from someone seeking legal aid. We often get some real characters emailing us, some of whom clearly have mental issues. Here's an exerpt:

"I've been murdered at least twice (possible more) - it was covered up and I was criminally drugged to memory loss about it (the fences behind the house disappeared, trees that were cut down were put back, the county paved new roads and then the new roads disappeared and the old roads were put back) - no one tells me about this - I have to get my memory back to know - I was murdered at my brother's house..." Etc, etc for three pages.

The thing about insanity that always strikes me is that it isn't a line you cross one day. It's a gradual progression - there are people who have traits of psychosis who can still function socially. Take OCD for example: when I leave my apartment, I have to touch my keys, to make sure I don't lock myself out. Even when I put the keys into my pocket moments before I step out, I still have to touch them before I shut the door behind me. If I had to touch them multiple times, if I couldn't leave my apartment without touching them ten times, it would be OCD. People with these psychoses aren't in a different realm, I don't think. They just have the same tendencies as 'normal' people, but they take them to the extreme. And at some point society says, 'You're nuts."

Monday, July 24, 2006

Best of the Weeks

T-shirts of the week:

Worn by a guy with a kilt on:
"So you can see my balls when I stomp your face."

Worn by a baby, with a picture of a pacifier:

And an oldie but goodie:
"Fast friendly service. Choose one."


Sign of the week:

Disturbingly, outside of a pet store in LA:

"Where the meat is."

Friday, July 07, 2006


Notice something fishy about this photo? (See below for the answer.)


What's a bike doing on the back of a boat?? Posted by Picasa

Fort Mason

And here's Fort Mason Center, the building. I guess you can see why it's not safe in an earthquake. It's always sunny here. The boats have chimes on their masts, which sound like musical cow bells when the wind blows (and it always does). Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge loom in the distance.

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Here's the afore-mentioned sign on the outside of the building where I work.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Livin' the Life

Update on the grades. The one exam I thought was hard I did the worst in. The rest of my grades were variations between 'good' and 'okay.' I think the variations were due to the curve (an easy test means it comes down to extremely small points), but then I would say that.

I'm loving the internship. I spent the 4th with my boss and one of the other interns, at my boss's barbeque. (My co-workers are great). Lots of lawyers there naturally, and I was pleasantly surprised by how young they looked. That's relieving because I can more easily see myself in their place. I have a young face, and I'm short, and I have a hard time seeing myself as an adult. (Grown-up, kids say. That sounds more right to me - you grow up and become a grown-up.)

Greatest part of my internship is that it's only 3 days a week. I'm living the life. I feel like I get so much of my personal life/world in order when I have a weekday off. Bonus time. I'm so effing lucky to have my parents to support me.

I got an alcohol promotion job, but I haven't signed up to any of the gigs yet. Preparing my brain for it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I had another San Fran-New York dream. When I first got here I had dreams of being in NYC, and for whatever reason they always involved the transportation system. Gradually I began to have dreams of being in SF too. Then I had dream of being in SF waiting for the subway (I never take the trains here).

The other night I finally had a dream where I was in NYC...but waiting for the #5 Fulton bus. Instead of putting NYC in SF, I put SF in NYC. Like I'm learning to Walk like I'm from here.