Thursday, July 06, 2006

Livin' the Life

Update on the grades. The one exam I thought was hard I did the worst in. The rest of my grades were variations between 'good' and 'okay.' I think the variations were due to the curve (an easy test means it comes down to extremely small points), but then I would say that.

I'm loving the internship. I spent the 4th with my boss and one of the other interns, at my boss's barbeque. (My co-workers are great). Lots of lawyers there naturally, and I was pleasantly surprised by how young they looked. That's relieving because I can more easily see myself in their place. I have a young face, and I'm short, and I have a hard time seeing myself as an adult. (Grown-up, kids say. That sounds more right to me - you grow up and become a grown-up.)

Greatest part of my internship is that it's only 3 days a week. I'm living the life. I feel like I get so much of my personal life/world in order when I have a weekday off. Bonus time. I'm so effing lucky to have my parents to support me.

I got an alcohol promotion job, but I haven't signed up to any of the gigs yet. Preparing my brain for it.

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