Sunday, December 18, 2005


It's over, done, finished! I have to repeat that because I'm trying to convince myself. Last night the law school junkies went out and got trashed (to some people's embarrassment...). When I went to sleep last night I conked out pretty quick but I kept waking up during the night. I'd find myself composing Contracts formulas (breach by service provider especially kept haunting me). It was outta control. I was mentally slapping myself out of it but c'mon, in my sleep? Can't let go! Can't get out of this matrix! But I am. We're done. Is it too early to get nostalgic? We'll never be these innocent babes in the woods again...!

It's a weird feeling, being where so many have been before you, saying the same shit as they said. I'm hyperaware of how beaten this path is, but I can't help myself from marking the trail right on top of the marks that are already there. Nothin new under the sun and all that.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

First Final

Finals began. (oxymoronic). We did Torts yesterday; after 3.5 hours we went to FeeFie's and drank Miller latte while trying to learn black-letter Crim for Fri. After the exam, I felt like my brain had vomitted into the school's S drive, so the muscles in my head were all tired and worn out, like your abs after a hangover hurl.

But it was nice to get it all out of my mind because now I have room for other classes. I think I should be more nervous, but it's more like being in the outer reaches of delirium, where you function normally on your surface, but inside you're giggling and weeping and nauseus.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Block that

My study crew got together today for an intense sesh. I'm talking 10 hours, man. With one burrito break. But I feel good tonight, I feel a little tickle of opptimism in my brain. A rare, rare sensation this days. We get so deep into this shit -- you get caught up in the web of it, and everything you say comes out covered with sticky remnants. (Like saying I was comparatively negligent in not having my lighter 'cause I never asked for it back.) Brain doesn't feel fried today, it feels expanded. Yesterday I was burnt out. The fires are quenched.


Friday, December 02, 2005


Current bad habits during reading week:
- chewing the inside of my lips to pieces
- rubbing my eyebrows. till there are gaps in them.
- smoking
- twirling hair between my fingers
- getting caught in internet fluff (myspace, blogging, email, etc)