Sunday, December 18, 2005


It's over, done, finished! I have to repeat that because I'm trying to convince myself. Last night the law school junkies went out and got trashed (to some people's embarrassment...). When I went to sleep last night I conked out pretty quick but I kept waking up during the night. I'd find myself composing Contracts formulas (breach by service provider especially kept haunting me). It was outta control. I was mentally slapping myself out of it but c'mon, in my sleep? Can't let go! Can't get out of this matrix! But I am. We're done. Is it too early to get nostalgic? We'll never be these innocent babes in the woods again...!

It's a weird feeling, being where so many have been before you, saying the same shit as they said. I'm hyperaware of how beaten this path is, but I can't help myself from marking the trail right on top of the marks that are already there. Nothin new under the sun and all that.

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