Wednesday, December 07, 2005

First Final

Finals began. (oxymoronic). We did Torts yesterday; after 3.5 hours we went to FeeFie's and drank Miller latte while trying to learn black-letter Crim for Fri. After the exam, I felt like my brain had vomitted into the school's S drive, so the muscles in my head were all tired and worn out, like your abs after a hangover hurl.

But it was nice to get it all out of my mind because now I have room for other classes. I think I should be more nervous, but it's more like being in the outer reaches of delirium, where you function normally on your surface, but inside you're giggling and weeping and nauseus.

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Bill Logan said...

If you're still taking finals, good luck with them! When I worked there, I didn't think USF was as insanely competitive as other schools might be, but law school finals blow no matter where you take them.

Bill Logan