Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What's Shakin'?

I failed to mention an entertaining moment in Sports Law last week. As you know, if you're in the Bay Area, we had a big, juicy earthquake around 8 pm last Tues.

I was in class, where we had a guest lecturer talking about NCAA rules. When the quaking began we all looked at each other and started murmuring, questioning whether it was a quake. At first it felt like the rumbling when you walk along a highway bridge-overpass, with large trucks speeding past, and then it increased to a back-and-forth shaking.

This quake was interesting because it was fairly prolonged; you had to time to process the movement, question it, acknowledge it, marvel at it, and then start to get nervous! We immediately checked the quake map link on Craig's List, and moments later it appeared as a 5.6. (The largest I've experienced in my two years here.)

Naturally, the guest lecturer continued her speech unfazed once the shaking ceased.


Mike Goad said...

Interesting! As a retired instructor with a lot of hours spent in front of a class, that guest lecturer has my admiration for being able to continue on like that.

Sansserif said...

Yes - I guess you have to have that kind of constitution here in the Bay Area!

jp flanigan said...

Wow, and you think I should move to San Fran?

Bzzzzz said...

It was even more surprising considering she was not a CA native.