Sunday, December 02, 2007

Penultimate Finals

Finals, nigh! I'm working hard and playing hard; balance is key. I've said it before and I'll say it again: reading period rocks. No class, the opportunity to narrow your focus onto one thing to the exclusion of everything else in your often do we get the chance to do that? Clearly I'm a 3L, right? Already waxing nostalgic for this sweet academic life...

I would like to congratulate a very good (retired) blogger friend of mine LawyerLike on his recent bar passage! (Those crazy Canadians have a bizarrely rational system whereby they take a multiple choice test and then work for 9 months before being born again as lawyers. On the other hand, they have to call the judge "my lord.")

Good luck to everyone on finals!


kittykatz said...

Couldn't agree more about finals prep. I learn as much in these couple of weeks as I do in the entirety of the rest of the semester.

Lawyerlike said...

Woot! Good luck on your finals - I'm trying my hardest to forget what those felt like.


Shane Robinson said...

Yes, reading week is a wonderful thing. However, mine seems to have shrunk this year ... we have classes all through this week, with Finals stretching all the way up to Dec. 21 :(

I will try to take that attitude (the opportunity to do only one thing) into bar prep in 2008.

good luck on your finals as well.