Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Checking Up

I've been contacted by former employers in the past week about my moral character evaluation. I haven't received word from any of my personal references, but if anyone is wondering, apparently they at least check up with former employers. (California requires attorneys-to-be to fill out a 37 page application with questions like, 'List every address you've lived at for the past 8 years.' The fee is $431.)

This got me thinking about the first legal job I had as a legal assistant after college. I was working for a solo practitioner in medical malpractice. After one deposition, my boss lamented that he still hadn't figured a way to prove the doctor at issue had a continuous doctor-patient relationship with our client. I tentatively suggested the "It's Time For Your Checkup" postcards our client had received. My boss reacted with excitement and delight over this simple and obvious answer. At that moment I decided I had what it takes to be a lawyer.

How naive!


Mel Woods said...

First, congrats on getting that monstrosity complete. I am still dragging it out.

Second, bummed they really call all of these poor people. Employers when I was 18? They must be kidding.

Sansserif said...

I know! I pity my past employers who have to remember when I started work.

I recommend getting the eval out - they sent mine back for a gap or two. But once they get it completed they move quickly towards contacting people.

Anyway, good luck!