Thursday, June 19, 2008

Water People

Our Real Property professor, Paula Franzese, is probably my favorite so far. She's fast and she's funny, and she sings for us. (She's also the only woman we've had so far.)

Today was the last day of Property, and during the last segment she was covering the miscellaneous water rights. Our outline provides the text of the rules with blank spaces for us to fill in the words.

For example, the outline provided, "The water belongs to those who own the land _____________" and we dutifully wrote in "bordering the water course" when she said it. The next line: "These people are known as _________________." Paula says, "water people." There was some giggling, but we dutifully, robotically wrote "water people." Paula paused.

"I'm kidding. They are not known as water people. They're riparians." And we all laughed, and scratched out "water people" in our outlines.


greg said...

Laughed/grumbled... Must depend on where you sit.

I could have done without the singing, largely because I only recognized two of the songs, so the others were just long, unhelpful distractions. However, she was otherwise funny, and I did appreciate her fast, efficient pace, as well as materials that forced a certain amount of focus, "water people" notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

I dutifully wrote down water people. After all, property law is so old that it could conceivably be a correct term of art. Or maybe all this studying is starting to erode my mind.

Sansserif said...

Def. Studying for the bar causes the slow and imperceptible erosion of one's mind, also know in property law as 'accretion.' ;-)