Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Week Till Go-Time

A fellow bar-slave of mine came over to my place the other day for a visit, and she was, naturally, immediately drawn to my study location to examine the scene. She's using outlines, not flashcards, but she commented that my flashcard piles were much smaller than those of other's she'd seen.

"Well," I offered with a sly grin, "I only make flashcards of the stuff I don't know."

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Anne said...

that's my girl!! you will rock the damn thing....xo

Maria M. said...

hooray! not only an entry, but an entry about me!! keep up the good work! :)

Anonymous said...

That's almost exactly what I do. A little twist though. When I first learn material, I see if I can get the answer by applying my common sense. If my common sense jives with the law, then I don't worry about memorization because I know I can rely on my instincts.

Also, I've tried to take Whitebread's advice to heart: I've whittled down my knowledge to a glib understanding. I still know a lot of minutiae (it can't be helped because of law school) but I would hate to freeze up on a major theme in order spout out the difference between the FRCP and the CCP on how many days you have to answer.