Monday, April 20, 2009

On Oracle

I was on a call early this morning when Mike dropped by my office. Being on the phone, he wrote a message on my white board:


You'll recall that I bonded with Sun's GC because we both blog. He clarified later that some of the info revealed to us was bloggable, but some not. I'll stick to the bloggable...

The buzz here has been pretty positive - my own feelings, based purely on branding, is that Oracle is pretty cool. During the first of several meetings this morning, someone asked if Mike could tell us about Oracle's corporate culture. He didn't go into details, but he did say that when a company with 80K employees acquires a company with 30K employees, what results is a new culture.

My googling seems to reveal quite a bit of compatibility. We live in the same hood, for one, and Silicon Valley has a culture. Perhaps most tellingly, when I searched the Oracle network on Facebook, the first page of results gave me several people who were also part of another company's network because they were former employees: Sun Microsystems.
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Elmer said...

Excellent photo!

I wish you and yours at the big star in this galaxy the best.


Elmer said...

Ugggghhhh... E has accused me of commenting under the influence (what, we had some wine with dinner...?).

Please replace "big star" with "a small yellow star in a fashionably cool part of the galaxy" in the previous comment.

That is all.