Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Black and White

The sunshine finally returned to SF so it feels like spring fever just dropped on us.
During class break I had this funny conversation about Blackacre, the infamous piece of property in the world of law school. It went something like this:

Ben: It's always Blackacre and Whiteacre, and the owner of Blackacre is always evil. What's up with that?
Me: Kinda racist.
Ben: Yeah, what about Brownacre?
Lauren: Greenacre? Oh, isn't that one taken already?
Me: What about Land-of-color-acre?
Joe: This is San Francisco, what abour Rainbowacre?

And I don't doubt for a second that countless other law students have had similar conversations...

But did it really need to be named anything? Couldn't they have phrased the hypo, "O owns land and A obtains an easement for her driveway..."?

Then again, no pointlessly amusing conversations are inspired by that.

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DERRICK is A KING said...

I have a friend name supra too.
He is LOVE...............