Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pressure Drop

"The CDC's latest survey reported 71 percent of men are overweight and 31 percent are obese. For women, it's 62 percent overweight and 33 percent obese." This quote from this article posted by Dicta made me wonder about social pressure. I mean, less women are overweight as compared to men; isn't it possible that that happens because women feel more social pressure (at least in the US) to be thin?

And we women are always complaining about the pressure to be thin! It's good for our health! I guess you'd have to do an eating disorder analysis to be fair, but still.


Anonymous said...

I bet more girls are vegetarians!

Supra said...

Probably true! Eating veggies is good for the body and good for the earth.

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Supra said...

"Supra" means "above" in Latin. It's used as a reference to a previously mentioned source, and is common in legal texts.

Anonymous said...

No. It could very easily mean that men just don't care about social expectations as much as women do. The pressure may be equal, but the responsiveness may differ based on whether one group cares more about that pressure.