Tuesday, May 23, 2006


It's weird, but after finishing finals I don't feel that elated. It's not so much feeling happy, but rather feeling not stressed out. Feeling neutral again.

After I got back from my exam, I sat on the couch and read awhile. Finally I whined to my boy, "I'm bored!" He raised his eyebrows and said, "Four hours into summer vacation and you're bored already?"


Nancy said...

its anticlimatic, is what it is! i wait and wait and wait for summer vacation, then when it finally rolls around, i'm pretty estactic for a few days, then i get over it and wait for the new school year to begin. lol. then, of course, i spend the whole new school year wishing i had done more during my vacation, or less, or whatever!

Supra said...

Anticlimactic, exactly! So much of life is about anticipation, or reflection. It's hard to experience things in the present.

Anna said...

That's exactly how I felt --- after so many months of having SO MUCH to live for and do and then it's ALL GONE. My life feels like it has lost all its electricity!