Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I met the other intern today where I work. He's in a band, and his band has a Myspace page of course. One day all the content of their page - photos, music, 900+ friends - disappeared. They eventually determined that a band member's exgirlfriend had the password and took her revenge. (Hell hath no fury and all that.) Me and the intern puzzled over a legal theory to cover this kind of thing. Trespass of chattels? Is an internet site a chattel? Is that considered hacking, since she had the password? Do they even own the chattel, since the site is free?

Moral of the story: Never give your S.O. your passwords.


Float and Twirl said...

What about phishing

Lawyerlike said...

Nah, you have to look at the legal definition of "My" in Myspace. Because there's been no consideration paid, it's really just SquatterSpace, and prison rules apply ;)