Monday, September 25, 2006


So I got a job; well, let's not call it a job yet because I don't know if I'm paid. A clerkship. I'm working for a solo practitioner who does a lot of IP work. Here's how it happened:

This attorney was one of our panel attorneys at my internship over the summer. I referred a lot of cases to their office; they were always willing to talk to anyone. I became friendly with them. My IP professor told me to find part-time work over the semester to get some experience, so I spontaneously called up my contact there. He said he was glad I called, they needed people. I got an interview, and then I got the position.

The lawyer told me she throws cases at the clerks and has them work the way a real attorney would. Sounds perfect. Even if it's not paid, it feels good to walk out of an interview hired.

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