Sunday, November 19, 2006


Study grouping is so key. First semester I study-grouped, but last semester I didn't, and I think it showed in my grades. Last semester me and another groupie had personality conflicts, so we all studied on our own.

It makes such a difference to have something explained to you by someone at your level, or to explain something. And your groupies fill in the gaps in your knowledge, the stuff you didn't realize you didn't know.

If you're on the fence about study-grouping, do it. If you have drama with a groupie, form a new group. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!


Shane Robinson said...

I have tried study groups, albeit limited attempts, and have found them to be time inefficient. As you know, time is of the essence in law, and I have found studying solo to be the method of my choice. Of course, I will seek out a friend for clarification on a particular issue if I am stumbling. Finally, an observation I have made on this topic at my school, Seattle Univ., the older the student, the more likely they are to study alone. Just my 2cents.
Shane Robinson
33 years old ;-)

Ryan said...

I have to side with SR here. Maybe it's that I've had nothing but negative experiences with study groups, but I've always found that there are individuals who monopolize the group time by focusing in on one particular issue when it's not the best time for it.

It's not even a matter of being ahead of a group and waiting for them to catch up - often I'm surprised that I had yet to think of something. But I find that those kinds of surprises affect the rest of my studying, and I feel panicked the rest of the way through.

Viva isolation, I say.

Supra said...

Hm, I find that my anxiety lies more in the realm of fearing what I don't know. I'd rather be exposed to some random information by surprise in a study group than in the exam!

I do find that study groups vary greatly on how prepared each member is. But I don't think study groups should be to the exclusion of individual studying - I think it's an added supplement to isolation studying.

That being said, it is so key to develop the right dynamic in a group. The monopolizers and the slackers must balance each other!

Thanks for your thoughts guys!