Monday, June 04, 2007

Age and Experience

Week two...

I'm enjoying my local underdog status. The other interns are from all over the country, but they uniformly hail from top-tier schools. As in Harvard, Boalt, U Michigan, etc. I do have a significant advantage, which is that I'm going to be a 3L and most of them are 2Ls. I've taken a ridiculous amount of relevant courses. I know what everyone is talking about when they drop DMCA code sections.

I confess some apprehension, however. Maybe I'm supposed to be doing something else, something more 3L-ish? To my readers expressing envy for my cozy work environment, I should add: it's unpaid!

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Lawyerlike said...

I think you've got the perfect set up going into your third year. Legal experience without the legal grind. Something more "3L-ish" might be... well let's just say it rhymes with 3L-ish.