Thursday, June 07, 2007


All my grades are finally in. I'm pleased; I couldn't be happier. Ok, that's a lie: I would've liked to CALI something. (CALI awards are given to the student with the highest grade in a class.)

A short-statured friend of mine (who, BTW, CALI'd Forensic Evidence), received an A in another class as well. When he told me this, I asked if it was a solid A. He replied, "Yeah, I don't do minuses. Horizontal stripes make me look even shorter."

UPDATE: I CALI'd my Intellectual Property Seminar course.


greg said...

I've pretty much given up on getting a CALI. It's almost -- almost, but not really -- a relief to have a semester without an A, so that I don't even have to wonder. (I know someone who got a CALI with an A-, so that is possible, if highly unlikely.)

Anonymous said...

You may still get a CALI. They haven't been posted yet (at least not online).

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your CALI in IP seminar.

Sansserif said...

Thanks, Stranger.