Sunday, August 19, 2007

Going and Going and Going

I used to use this site,, but I ended up cancelling my account. They recently hooked me again, ironically using the same technique that made me quit in the first place. ( is an event planning site like Yahoo!'s Upcoming.) They have these sneaky ways of creating an account for you before you realize it.

I deleted my account originally because I was offended by these tricks, and because of the inefficiency they engender. For example, I had multiple accounts with them because I'd forget which email address I used to create the account, and whenever I accidentally entered the wrong email address during login, it created a new account for me. That resulted in the inevitable multiple newsletters, email notifications, etc. (The default settings were, naturally, to receive all newsletters. When I tried to login to change these settings, I couldn't remember which email address I used, and ended up creating more see how the cycle would get frustrating.)

So they hooked me this time because they're promoting an event that you can get into for free with an RSVP. To RSVP, you enter your name and email address - which, you guessed it, creates a account.

However I was pleased to see their privacy settings have improved since I was last a member. (Click the screen shot below). The tiered privacy levels are good, although the default settings are as broad as possible. I particularly like the ability to prevent others from tagging you in photos, and that the default is on a high tier.

For that I'll give them another chance.


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