Monday, September 10, 2007

A Few Comments

About my interview process...

There are 4 things I was never asked:

- Why I wasn't on Law Review.
- Why I've never worked at a big law firm, even though I'm a 3L.
- What my weaknesses are.
- Where I want to be in 5 years.

Here's a few random pieces of advice:
Read this classic book: Guerrilla Tactics for Getting the Legal Job of Your Dreams. It's embarrassingly cheesy, but the info is great. Just reading it will give you confidence and make you feel prepared.

Solicit 30 minute phone conversations from alumni at other firms. Ask them the questions you would get asked if you got an interview, or pieces of information you could put in a cover letter. For example: What do you think is different about your firm? Why did you choose it? Your last question should always be: Do you know anyone else you think it would be good to talk to? Keep the network chain going.

Get in contact with an associate at the firm you want to work for. Cold-email them asking for a phone convo if you have to. If you click with them, they can become your greatest asset and ally at the firm. Plus, the firm will find out; it demonstrates your legit interest.

I talked with a ton of people...every one of them was kind and helpful and gave me at least one piece of incredible advice. You just never know what valuable info you're going to get, which is why you should talk to as many people as possible. And it gets you in the practice of giving your pitch in a professional and smooth way - what area of law you're interested in, your background, etc.

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TheMarkPike said...

Congrats on the gig! And, cheesy as it may be, I just hit up for the book you mentioned to try and replicate your success.