Monday, September 10, 2007

Home Field Disadvantage

During my Art Law class today, my professor put a PowerPoint slide up with two photographs. A magazine had commissioned a photographer to take a photo of a famous basketball player. The magazine and the artist couldn't come to an agreement, so the magazine found another photographer to take a remarkably similar shot.

As my professor put the slide up, he admitted he was embarrassed, but that he couldn't remember who the basketball player was.
"Does anyone know who this is?" He asked.

Silence from a classroom of about 30 kids.

"This is a law school Art Law class..." someone noted.

1 comment:

kittykatz said...

Damnit, that's embarrassing. If this ever happens again, please send me an IM. OCD sports junkie - you could probably describe it and I could figure it out.

Horrible. I hope word doesn't get out... our ranking might drop.