Monday, December 29, 2008

Love Affairs

The more I think about it, the more this feels like the end of a personal relationship. Like the first time I had my heart broken, I'm determined to make this teach me to recognize true love. In that vein, the best cure for a broken heart (I've learned) is to find someone new.

I need to continue my training while I search for a new job - which could be awhile, in this economy. So for the meantime I'm volunteering at two places: the Center for Democracy & Technology and at a startup called Loopt. I know people at these places, but the reality is that when you're volunteering your time, who's going to turn you away?

In addition to the training, these activities keep me from having too much time to think about my situation. When I was searching for a job at a firm, I couldn't count the number of times people shook their heads and warned me, "It's really, really competitive." I did it anyway.

Which is a little disturbing: Now, everyone keeps telling me I'll find something! But they're my friends, my family. When I listen to the news and glimpse the numbers, I see I'm in the same place, seeking the same impossibility. And I'll do it anyway.


Jakob said...

It is a competitive market, especially right now with the economic situation. However, tucking away stuff like CDT and Loopt (good folks there) will give you an edge.

Best of luck here in the SF Bay.

Barce said...

I agree with Jakob. From reading your blog, you are going to the right places, e.g. an EFF party, where networking can help you find work.

Although it's not related to your degree, litigation support might be worth looking into since those companies do well during a downturn.