Thursday, February 01, 2007


Today in one of my IP courses, me and a classmate assuaged the boredom by IM'ing on Gmail. Nevertheless, the content of our conversation didn't wander far:

[On a case about the copyrightability of a lamp post]
J: its ugly, does that count for anything?
me: lol
it's ugly, nobody would copy it.
J: that should go to access - if they saw it, they would know a copy would turn out so damn ugly, so they probably wouldn't have made it
me: LOL
"your honor, it's clearly not substantially similar. my client's product isn't ugly."
J: haha
me: hahah
J: i'm definitely using that if i ever have to litigate a copyright case
me: awesome. we'll call it a joint work ;)
J: its yours - i'll license it from you though
me: no way. it was a derivative of your access theory
J: we are learning!

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