Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I've slipped into the job search. I wanted to say "launched," that I've launched myself into the job search, but that wouldn't be accurate.

The other day my comrade's girlfriend (a civilian) asked about our job search efforts generally: me and other people. I confess to feeling a little taken aback by the question. I told her I have a few leads, but that I didn't know how other people's efforts were going. That's another thing we don't talk about. First and foremost, you don't want to provoke a job search panic attack in someone who hasn't been job searching. Secondly, people guard their leads jealously and probably aren't going to be forthright. Finally, if the person has started his/her job search, but hasn't gotten anything, it's like asking what grade someone got when they C'd the course.

Well, whatever the reasons, it rarely comes up. Only when someone gets a bite does it slip into conversation.

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