Friday, March 23, 2007

FalseyTake-Down Requests

Last night I went to a bar where EFF's client Jeff Diehl threw a party. (They achieved an embarrassingly successful settlement against a man who filed fake DMCA take-down requests against Diehl's website. Full release here.)

I didn't see the whole event, but I did witness an extremely odd performance by a guy sporting what he dubbed a "thimbletron." Gloves with thimbles on the tips of his fingers - touching his be-thimbled thumb to another finger altered, stopped, or started a music soundtrack. (I overheard someone say, "This guy will probably be an EFF client soon.")

In other news, EFF is also suing Viacom on behalf of and Brave New Films. Viacom filed a take-down against a film spoof on GooTube. EFF argues the film is a fair use parody of the Colbert Report.

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