Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I accept!

I got an offer from the organization I want to work for. I'm effing thrilled. Elated. All that. Went and celebrated with my mentor from San Jose. He's been great...connecting me to people, inviting me to big firm events like Tuesday night in Palo Alto. But whatever about all that - he believed in me. That was enough. That was what I needed. My boy in LA, he believed in me too. Gave me the confidence to go into this interview with the right attitude. Believing in myself, knowing I am exactly the kind of student who should be working at a place like this. My mind so in line with their mission, lacking only the refinement of experience.

Obviously it's unpaid (all the good internships are)...anybody have any funding ideas? I checked PSLawNet, but the only applicable grants deadlined earlier this month.


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Just love that your "effing excited." Perfect choice of words girl!!

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