Monday, March 19, 2007

Right Side of Everything IP

I had a big interview today for a rad nonprofit that I won't name for fear of...jinxing myself. This entity litigates on the right side of everything IP. It went well; I'd heard horror stories from 2 friends who interviewed there. They did sit me in a room with two attorneys and ask me issue questions, but I wasn't intimidated because I'm half-drowning in the issue. Yeah, you guessed it: I dropped that I'm writing a paper on Grokster and the convo went smoothly from there. At the start I felt a little nervous. When one attorney innocently asked me what I thought about Grokster, I launched into a discussion on the impact of inducement on contributory and vicarious liability as causes of action, thick with "substantial noninfringing use."

I told them honestly that I have a few more interviews in the next two weeks, but that I wanted to work for them the most. They'll let me know in a week.

Oh, and the kicker is that rumor has it they've never hired a legal intern from my school before.

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