Sunday, April 01, 2007

Did You Buy a Sony Triniton Remote...?

An amusing chat on my IM with my friend LawyerLike. Definitely check out his post about it too because he's more witty than me. :) Our Gmail chat was off-record, so the following is from memory.

Background: LawyerLike and I were discussing the major purchases he plans to make once he starts his job. He said he was considering a new TV, particularly because his remote is finicky.

LL: I'll hit a button and it will randomly mute the TV!
Me: Whoa!
Mine does the same thing!
Must be a Sony design flaw.
LL: Sony Triniton??
[I grab my remote.]
Me: LMAO, yes!
LL: Number RM-Y116?
Me: Dead on!
LL: This is crazy!
Me: Are you thinkin what I'm thinkin?
LL: Hahahhah.
The only question is who's going to blog about this first...

In conclusion, if anyone else experiences this muting affect from their Sony Trinitron remote, contact me or LawyerLike for a free consultation on whether you qualify for the class.

UPDATE: LL technically won the race to the blog post.

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Mike said...

I have a Sony Triniton 36 inch, and now it is blinking on and off at 5 second intervals. Is this part of the problem that would be part of that class action as well?