Monday, April 09, 2007

On An Unrelated Note...

I know (and care) almost nothing about theater, but this article by Charles Isherwood about "Grey Gardens" is positively fascinating.

On the way some American Idol losers, for example, are making it big:
"Maybe this new mood enshrining failure as the new success is related to the last decade or so of dissatisfaction with the country’s ostensible political winners, and the policies they’ve pursued. But it surely reflects a population embarking on the new century with a perhaps not unhealthy dent in its self-esteem." I'm thinking of Al Gore...


"Few will leave the theater thinking: Little Edie Beale, c’est moi! But everyone of a certain age (say 30) has probably lived through a few of those startling moments when you take stock of your life as it is and wonder: How did I get here, exactly? When did the curves come that moved me away from one destiny and toward another? I guess it all must have happened during intermission."

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