Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not Prepared

Today is the last day of classes, so as you could imagine, some people have slacked on doing the reading. After several, "I'm sorry, I'm not prepared," this student's response got a chuckle:

"I respectfully pass on that question, Professor."


Bzzzz said...

This phenomenon has always been a bit depressing to me. It essentially says "I have no general interest in this topic, all I care about is doing well on the final, so sorry Prof." I guess it was evidence, but it still bothers me. I wonder if that is why the prof just walked out after class instead of asking if there were any questions.

Me said...

Well, I'm not so sure he took it to heart. I've noticed many profs engage in the Last-Class-Walk-Out. I think they'd feel silly if they stood there basking in the applause. So they walk out.