Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bunny ears

I love KQED. The PBS station. Me and the boy don't have cable - we just have a TV. (We got the TV free on CL. Actually, it came free with a $10 table. The kid said he'd gotten it free and didn't feel right selling it. When I bounce outta here, I'm gonna give it away too.) I still haven't figured out how TV works when you don't have cable. I mean, are there TV waves beaming through the air constantly then? So when you get a TV it just plucks them out of the air? We have TV waves flowing through our brains all the time then, right? Wack. Anyway then we got an $11 antenna. It's pretty hot; it has the two bunny ear antennas and a circular base. I don't know why, I just love its retractable metallic simplicity. And the fact that we got three more channels. If you hate trying to find something on TV, try getting rid of your cable. It's some kind of psychological fact that if you have less options, you're easier to please.

Anyway. KQED. Last night I was watching those lovely commercial-free Animal Shows. This chimpanizee 'trainer' (somehow that's not PC - it ain't a circus...) missed a few days of work when she miscarried her baby. And the chimp knew sign language, and was pissed off at her when she went back to work, because she hadn't been around. So the 'trainer' signed to the chimp "My baby died." And the chimp, who had lost a baby once herself, looked back at her and signed, "Crying." I nearly bawled my eyes out!

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