Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Does anyone else think there's a plaintiff bias at law school? I'm getting that vibe in class. But you know, I think it's related to the supposed "liberal bias" at higher education institutions. I think liberalism is a product of higher education. The more educated you are, the more you realize the liberals have it right. So it makes sense. Defense lawyers always feel tied to Big Business in my mind. And Big Business is conservative, and wealthy.

I miss NYC terribly. Is there any consolation for a NYC-to-SF transplantee? Will I ever stop missing it? I have made some progress; I've moved beyond the stage where you try and relate every SF neighborhood to a NY neighborhood. I still have dreams where I'm in the NYC subway, but I've learned to love my car a little more and hate Muni a little less. I frequently extol the cheapness of drinks...but that's still a product of constantly comparing this city to that one. But really, honestly, where is a girl to go if she wants to leave NYC? SF is it.

I read in my crim book today (in a footnote; my text is authored my illustrous Professor Shatz) that the defense of entrapment began in the bible. You know: when Eve tells Adam that the snake tricked her into eating the apple by promising her greatness. Isn't that hilarious? Shatz, you're a nut.

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