Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Study groupin'

Three is good. Two is too intimate. Four is crowd. No doubt. Again, the high school drama - you don't talk about meeting up with The Group around other people, especially one's who asked to be in your group, or who might have expected to be in it.

We keep getting hooked on talking about Dirty Jeff. Who isn't worth our mock conversations, nor even a mention here.

You have to have at least one Cop, who will keep you in line. (Me.)
You have to have one Comic, who'll keep you laughing. (FeeFie352).
You have to have one with intellectual integrity, who will have another right way of seeing it. (Flossy).
At least one person must have made outlines.
At least one other person must have made flashcards.
At least one person has to be cute (or all three).
There must be one ipod or other portable music device.
Finally, you have to be able to drink together.

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