Friday, November 11, 2005

You might be a law student if...

A little humor, inspired by blogger Law Student Barbie.

You know you’re a 1L in San Francisco when:
1) You refuse to laugh at your professors’ microphone jokes. Or, you can’t help but laugh.
2) You seriously wonder about the existence of the Reasonable Born-Again Christian Scientist.
3) You still think it’s funny to bring legal concepts into your daily life, such as accusing people of ‘trespassing your chattels.’
4) You really have no idea what a chattel is.
5) Somebody got the third highest grade on the LRW midterm – and it’s barely a B.
6) You really have no idea what ‘grade’ you got on your LRW midterm.
7) All the student groups are funded with bake sale cookies.
8) You wait in line for 25 minutes just to get a midterm assignment on a Friday afternoon.
9) Your tutor publishes an open request in the school paper to get in your 1L pants – and some people take him up on it.
10) You still cannot remember where you sit in room 100.
11) You’ve made your Crim law professor literally hop up and down waiting for you to answer a question.
12) You carry your own supply of toilet seat covers.
13) You can’t get through Torts without marveling at your prof’s boobs at least once.
14) You realize those kids you don’t recognize aren’t 2Ls – they’re from the other section.
15) You’ve had at least one sloppy, passionate make-out session on bar night – and you pretend you don’t remember it.

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Torchness said...

I think you should add:

You might be a law student if you think sayings like "I adversely possessed your Mom last night" and "Somebody who loves me conveyed this teddy bear in fee simple" are rediculously funny.