Monday, November 07, 2005

It begins

This blog, that is; my law school "career" began at the end of August, 2005. I am a 1L. It's funny, after reading other student blawgs wailing over the "1L drama," I'm trying to see my world through that lense. I'm forced to admit it exists. It's fun at first, y'know, talking in legalese. But even now, only several months into this, and already my mates are scolding, "No law school talk!" (This kid in my section got hit by a car on his motorcycle. You can imagine the tort talk...). But it creeps in more insidiously than you think. ("How is online poker legal??" "They better fix that pothole...") It's part of the cult mentality that all community groups have, I guess. Something that shows you're "in" and that other people are out. And I think that effect is worsened by the high degree of intellectual rigor required to get here. High Academia Snobbery.

I go to __________________. We have a lot of hot girls here. (Word on the street is, ______ has all the hot guys. Can't confirm that though.) But it's incredible how many girls are Taken. I mean, I'm fresh out Just Trying to Get Laid (aka, college) and now everyone's married or engaged or has the live-in boyfriend (me). I think this fact has concentrated the singles drama considerably, since a big chunk of us are unavailable. But all of the Taken are enjoying the rumors and drama. This is probably stating the obvious, but can you believe how juvenile people get in a student microcosm? I don't know if it's that people are older. In college, there was no trickery and device - there was less emphasis on the Relationship element. But here, it's like high school again, the way people get involved with other law students.

It's good here. It's...light hearted, if I may use that in the law school context. The competition is gentle, existant but not persistant. I motivate (ok, ok, police) my friends into doing their reading. I mean, is that what it's like at first tiers? Don't people support and hope for their friends, even when the competition is brutal? Admittedly, I haven't even had one set of law school finals yet. I've only gotten one grade (not even, it was a number, a number without a high or low score) so perhaps I haven't tasted that bitter drink yet.

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