Friday, December 01, 2006


You know it's finals time when it's 8 AM on a Friday and there are already 10 people on your gmail chat. IM is obviously a mixed blessing. It's fabulous when you have a random question ("Is intent an element of intimidation under the 1st Amendment?" Answer: Yes.) because you can get a quick, succinct answer. Remote Study Grouping. But of course IM can be terribly distracting. Great test of will power.

I have a cold, and I'm pretty sure I got it from the same friend who gave me a cold during last semester finals. I'd be furious, but what's the point? Nothing I can about it except suck on Cold Eeze and pop Sudafed. (Note: Sudafed has a slight Ritalin-like effect. Maybe it's the caffeine, but it is a stimulant.) At least it's still reading period. I've imposed a quarantine to protect my friends. Last night a friend of mine stopped by; he remained in his car while I stood on the sidewalk outside my building, chatting.

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