Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I had one of those post-traumatic-stress/post-exam dreams the other night. I was taking my IP Survey exam (the one I don't feel good about), and after it was over we were informed that it was only a practice exam, so we would get another chance. I was so relieved! Notice I called it a dream, not a nightmare.

Technically I'm not done with my classes. I still have a paper to re-draft. For my Information Privacy class, I managed to engineer a three-birds-one-stone process. I wrote one 25-page paper, and it counted as 1) half my final grade for the class, 2) my upper-level writing requirement, and 3) a directed research credit. I was pretty proud of this because my professor admitted that no one had done it before, but she didn't see any reason why I couldn't do it. The unfortunate part is that she can make me re-write it as many times as she wants.

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