Wednesday, December 06, 2006


My girl on cramming, and the humbling experience of law school:

Anne: It really is so much smarter to study along the way, you can't cram for this stuff. Evidence would have been a good one to get on top of ages ago.

me: I mean you can cram, but it's not enjoyable.

Anne: Yeah, tell me about it. I knew much more con law 3 days b4 the exam than I do with evidence. But I will get there.

me: Yeah, can't underestimate the power of your brain.

Anne: I never used to...What an ego blow this law shit is for me.

me: Ahh, for all of us.

Anne: At least we are still hot! Haha.

me: LOL

Anne: My step mom used to always say to me, whenever I would feel bad "Well, at least you will never be ugly." I thought she was so shallow. But it did make me feel better.

me: Bahahha!


Kate said...

That is hilarious! Yes, I keep telling myself the same thing (not about the ugly thing) that next semester, I will learn this shit as I go. I realize now that I could've explained almost NOTHING about contracts until a few days ago when I started cramming! Good luck!

Supra said...

Yeah, I had a similar experience. My con law prof posted some FAQs on our TWEN site. A few days before I started cramming, I was horrified because I didn't know what the questions were about. Few days later, I looked again, and I thought they were simplistic questions! Good luck to you too!