Monday, December 04, 2006

First Exam

The morning before the first exam is so funny. Everyone you see has the same wry smile on, like 'Here we go again...'

I just finished my Con Law exam. We were all running out of time, lots of bullet-pointing and outlining occurred. I answered everything without outlining, but usually I have too much time, and I went right into the 3 minuted warning on this one. That's good - it'll help the curve. The other anomoly occurred when we got the multiple choice portion. The instruction page said we had 32 questions, and about the same amount of true/false. But the exam only had 19 MC and no T/F questions. A gift of sorts, but definately not intentional.

I have my Wills and Trusts exam on Thurs, so I'm digging right into it instead of having a beer with my comrades. Wills doesn't induce any major excitement for me usually, but the other day I was reading my supplement, and I got so into it. I literally couldn't put the book down; I ate dinner while reading it. Very bizarre.

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