Tuesday, December 05, 2006

There's Still A War Going On

A friend of mine is in Iraq. I want to show this excerpt from an email I got from him today. So we don't forget a war is going on. So we remember the bigger world out there. I was/am against the war in Iraq, but I know it's this Administration that's to blame - not our soldiers. They all have different reasons for being in the military, and they're following orders. Anyone willing to risk their life for our country deserves respect, and more, deserves all our efforts to bring them home. Pause and remember how precious life is.

"I've had a long, tough week. I spent most of it traveling around the country. Hopping helicopter rides from FOB to FOB(Forward Operating Base). I got back on Sunday. Some Soldiers in my unit were KIA. Whenever this happens we are blacked out, meaning all communication to the outside world is cutoff. I found out today that a friend of mine was killed last night. It makes you pause and appreciate life. Everything that I am currently doing, every simple act, breath, sight, sound, taste, emotion, all these, these people will never experience again. How grateful I am, yet so sad. Death is natural? Not when you die by unnatural means. How is that loss of life justified? I don't know what to say. I have to think it through."

And now I have to study my Wills and Trusts. Ironic. There's an exception to the formalities of wills for soldiers in action, or sailors on a ship.

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Anonymous said...

life is death with mobile bodies. Mobile bodies are as dead as the soul allows. The only things that die are ideas. Long live the death of the ideas of war.