Thursday, January 04, 2007


Grades are trickling in. God I'm terrified. I did get one back (Wills and Trusts), and it was good! My best law school grade so far. And I did feel good about that exam. But somehow that only increases the fear, because I'll be that much more disappointed when/if the rest of my grades don't live up. You see how I constantly keep myself from getting hopeful? Ah, the torture that law school renders on one's psyche.

Everyone I talk/IM with is immediately like, "Get any grades back?" And then we report back as each one comes in. Checking the grade post obsessively, fearfully.

I took my friendly commenter's advice and got myself a bottle of cheap wine. Cheers!

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Innommable said...

I hear that law school can be a nightmare, or was that just the bar exam... oh well. Anyway, thanks for your comment on that poem. I didn't really post much there this year. I'm working on writing more though.