Thursday, January 18, 2007

Turn on, Tune in...

My girl dropped out. I'm shaken by it, I can't lie. After getting herself off academic probation, she decided to take a leave of absence, giving her the opportunity to return.

I hope she returns.

She said she knew she didn't want to be a lawyer, and that she didn't want to invest more money into something she wasn't interested in. But she was halfway through...and a JD can't hurt you...

She got engaged a few weeks ago. The timing is regrettable because of the inferences. She says no correlation exists, but again, the timing is regrettable. She says the reason she stayed with it so long was fear of what other people would think, and I know exactly what she means. And she says she can't worry now what other people think, and that is so true.

I do admire her courage...she felt it wasn't right and had the balls to act on it. But what if the easy thing to do is to drop out? Wouldn't it then take more courage to stay the course?

I always lack the courage to deviate. I stay where I am no matter how unhappy I am. I see that as weakness, but I guess it's a type of strength too. But it means I can be unhappy for long periods of time, and that's a terrible way to live. Life's too short; I'm glad she had the courage to pursue her own happiness.

But I hope she returns.

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